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Welcome to Entropy

Thank you for joining us this evening and sharing your time and energy to help make this a special night.

A brief Explanation:

My interpretation of Entropy is a positive one.

Universe begins and grows eventually decays as we see the galaxies speeding away faster and faster, all stars eventually burn out and die.

But the in between of it all is where Life and Beauty is able to express itself.

These tunes are instrumental but the titles have to do with all the feelings and emotions we encounter along our journey.


BREED- The first song that started this endeavor comes at you with a hard edged beginning, maybe a burst of energy that gets things going. Then comes the calm and almost sensual part representing the need for LIFE to reproduce to survive.

HUNTER - My nephew Andre (guitar) came by and we thought we could expand on this idea, we came up with this fast and at times furious song representing the HUNT

Ji - This one brings a dance of life element into the fray. Ji meaning respect for each other and all beings.

The Heart Is Connected To... - About our connections to others no matter how long a separation might be, days, weeks, years and decades we feel that same connection as if time never happened, we pick up where we left off.

Gently Walking The Himalayas - A ballad of sorts co written with Andre again our second meeting to continue this project. We wanted a feeling of warmth, love, and of course the beauty of being alive.

The Past -  This song reflects on loved ones near and far that we may have forgotten along the way, and of ones we lost.

Entropy -  Another hard edged beginning and ending, interrupted by a brief melancholy statement touching on beauty in the midst of Chaos.


Most of the melodies were improvised, we had no rehearsal and recorded/mixed in 2 days.

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Entropy Credits

Andre Cailliet          Guitar

Claude Cailliet      Trombone, Congas

John Fumo          Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Clavinet

Madison George     Drums

Randy Landas*      Basses/Studio

Kevin McClellan  Bass/Live 

Melvin Macias      Keyboards

Recorded 11/14/2023 at “Alex the Great” Studio Nashville, TN.

Engineered and mixed by Brad Jones

Produced by John Fumo and Brad Jones


Writing credits:

The Past - John Fumo

Breed - John Fumo

The Heart is Connected to.. - John Fumo, Randy Landas

Ji - John Fumo, Randy Landas

Hunter - John Fumo, Andre Cailliet

Gently Walking the Himalayas - John Fumo, Andre Cailliet

Entropy - John Fumo, Andre Cailliet


Photos/Videos by Bix Fumo

Cover Art by David Aiello 

John Fumo is a Yamaha Artist

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