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Aquarius-Episode "Change is Gonna Come" Composition-Painting Rio

Aquarius-Episode "Hunter Gets Captured by the Game" Composition-Midnight Blue

Aquarius-Episode "Sick City" Composition-Painting Rio

Expanse-Episode "Remember the Can't" Composition-Midnight Blue

Mad Men-Episode  "Pushing the Limits" Painting Rio, Midnight Blue

Mad Men-Episode  "Souvenir" Composition-Eclipse

Satisfaction-Episode  "Through Risk" Composition- Cool Blue

Suits-Episode "Blood in the Water" Composition-Days and Clouds, Waterfall

Switched at Birth-Episode "Tight Rope Walker" Composition by Kelly Fumo and John Fumo-Days and Clouds

Ray Donovan-Swing Vote Composition-Midpoint

FILM 50/50  released September 30, 2011 Composition- Midnight Blue

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